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Applaws: Natural Dog & Cat Food

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Applaws, with a decade-long commitment to quality and natural simplicity, has become a brand synonymous with excellence in pet nutrition, a principle we're excited to uphold at Very Important Pets. Applaws takes pride in using only the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients without resorting to artificial additives or hidden components. Their promise is clear – to use only the finest cuts of meat and fish and to never compromise on the integrity of their high-protein, grain-free food. Each product in the Applaws range is crafted to meet the highest food production standards, a testament to their dedication to the health and well-being of cats and dogs.

For Applaws, it's not just about producing top-tier cat and dog food; it's about positively impacting the environment and adhering to stringent ethical standards. As a B-Corp-certified company accredited by the Ethical Company Organisation, Applaws demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing, including dolphin-friendly methods and resources recognised by the Earth Island Institute. At Very Important Pets, we stand behind Applaws' vision of a balanced diet enriched with natural taurine and arginine from human-grade proteins, ensuring your pets receive nourishing meals that support their health and vitality alongside a complete diet. Applaws caters to the nutritional needs of pets and the sensibilities of eco-conscious pet owners.

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