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Wet Puppy/Junior Dog Food

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Discover the ideal start to your puppy's dietary journey with our Puppy Wet Food collection at Very Important Pets. Our carefully curated selection includes top brands like Barking HeadsCollardsForthgladeJames WellbelovedLily's KitchenNatures MenuNaturoRoyal Canin, and Webbox, offering various nutritious and palatable options. Tailored to meet the unique needs of growing puppies, our wet food varieties, including grain-free and working puppy formulas, provide the perfect blend of hydration, nutrition, and irresistible flavours. From lamb and vegetables to superfoods, each product is made to transition puppies smoothly from their mother's milk to solid food, ensuring they stay well-hydrated and receive all the vital nutrients for robust growth and development. Explore our range and give your puppy the best start towards a healthy, active life.

Wet Food for Puppies: Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is wet food important for puppies?

Wet puppy food provides essential hydration and eases the transition from mother's milk. It's packed with the necessary nutrients to support healthy growth and development.

Can puppies eat adult wet dog food?

Puppies have specific nutritional needs, so it's best to feed them food specially formulated for their growth stage. Adult dog food may not provide the right balance of nutrients for a developing puppy.

How often should I feed my puppy wet food?

Puppies typically need to eat more frequently than adult dogs. Generally, it's recommended to feed them 3-4 times daily, depending on their age, size, and breed. Always follow the feeding guidelines on the product label.

Is grain-free wet food beneficial for puppies?

Grain-free puppy food can be a good choice, especially for those with sensitivities to grains. It offers high-quality ingredients and is often easier to digest, promoting a healthy gut.

How do I transition my puppy to a new wet food brand?

When changing your puppy's diet, it's essential to transition gradually over about a week. Mix the new food with the old, slowly increasing the proportion of the introduced food each day to avoid digestive upset.

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