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Cold Pressed Dog Food

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Explore Forthglade's Cold Pressed Dog Food at Very Important Pets - the ultimate choice for natural, nutritious canine diets. Our carefully selected range, featuring Forthglade's premium cold pressed recipes, ensures a balanced, wholesome meal for your dog. Ideal for maintaining health and vitality, our cold-pressed options offer a unique approach to canine nutrition, retaining more natural nutrients and flavours. Perfect for dogs of all ages and breeds, discover how cold-pressed food can make a difference to your pet's well-being.

Cold Pressed Dog Food: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is cold-pressed dog food?

Cold-pressed dog food uses a unique technique that avoids high temperatures, preserving more natural nutrients and enzymes. This process ensures a more natural, digestible meal for your dog.

Why choose Forthglade's cold-pressed dog food?

Forthglade's cold-pressed range is crafted with high-quality, natural ingredients, offering a balanced diet as close to nature as possible. It's ideal for dogs with sensitive digestion and those who prefer a more natural feeding approach.

Is cold-pressed dog food suitable for all dogs?

Absolutely. Cold-pressed dog food is suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds. It's especially beneficial for sensitive stomachs, as it's easy to digest and full of natural goodness.

How does cold-pressed dog food differ from traditional kibble?

Unlike traditional kibble, which is often cooked at high temperatures, cold-pressed dog food retains more natural nutrients and flavours, making it a healthier and more tasty option for your pet.

Can I mix cold-pressed food with other types of dog food?

Yes, you can mix cold-pressed food with other types, but it's best to introduce any new food gradually to your dog's diet to avoid digestive upset.

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