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Sterilised/Neutered Cats Food

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Explore our Sterilised/Neutered Cats Food collection at Very Important Pets, thoughtfully curated for cats who've undergone neutering or spaying. Featuring renowned brands like Burns, Pro Plan, Royal Canin, and Versele Laga, this range includes both wet and dry food options tailored to meet the unique dietary needs of sterilised cats. Recognising that neutering can alter a cat's metabolism, these foods are specially formulated with lower fat content and balanced nutrients to maintain optimal health, prevent weight gain, and ensure your cat remains active and thriving post-procedure.

Sterilised/Neutered Cat Food: Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do sterilised cats need speciality food?

After neutering, a cat's metabolism slows, and energy needs decrease. Specialised food helps manage weight and supports overall health.

What should I look for in food for sterilised cats?

Choose foods with lower fat, controlled calorie content, and essential nutrients to maintain muscle mass and support urinary health.

How soon after neutering should I switch to this food?

Switching to a diet for sterilised cats soon after the procedure is advisable, but consult your vet for specific recommendations based on your cat's health.

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