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Sensitive Dog Treats - Grain, Wheat or Gluten Free Options

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Discover our premium selection of Sensitive Dog Treats at Very Important Pets, tailored for dogs with dietary sensitivities and allergies. Our collection spans a variety of brands, offering grain-free, wheat-free, gluten-free, and hypoallergenic options to cater to your dog's unique needs. Ideal for pets with sensitive stomachs, these treats are free from common irritants like wheat, ensuring a happy and healthy snack time. Hypoallergenic treats are carefully formulated to exclude ingredients that cause adverse reactions and relieve conditions such as itchy skin, dermatitis, colitis, and inflammatory bowel disease. From protein-rich grain-free options to gentle-on-the-stomach hypoallergenic varieties, our treats support digestive health without compromising taste. Choose Very Important Pets for sensitive dog treats that promote well-being and digestive comfort, making treat time enjoyable and safe for every dog.

Sensitive Dog Treats: Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers about treats for sensitive dogs

What makes treats suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

Treats suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs are hypoallergenic, made without common allergens like corn, wheat, or artificial additives, focusing on natural and easily digestible ingredients.

Can dogs with allergies enjoy these treats?

Hypoallergenic treats are designed to minimise the risk of allergic reactions, catering to dogs with itchy skin, dermatitis, and other sensitive conditions.

How often can I treat my dog with sensitive stomach treats?

While this treat collection is designed to be gentle on your dog's stomach, following the recommended feeding guidelines and considering your pet's specific dietary needs is best.

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