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Verm-X, a UK company based in Somerset, offers a range of specialised feed supplements for various animals, including cats, dogs, horses, poultry, and small animals. Focused on natural health and vitality, Verm-X supplements are formulated with 100% natural active ingredients, free from artificial chemicals, and developed in collaboration with leading medical herbalists and veterinarians. These supplements enhance digestive health, nutrient digestibility, and overall bowel function. In August 2022, Verm-X proudly achieved B Corporation certification, underscoring its commitment to ethical, environmentally conscious practices. The company's journey to B Corp status reflects its ethos of kindness towards animals and the planet, with a focus on eco-friendly packaging and sustainable practices. All Verm-X products are manufactured in the UK, adhering to the highest quality standards and using ethically grown ingredients. By choosing Verm-X, pet owners can ensure they provide their animals with vet-approved, effective, and natural care, aligning with a responsible approach to pet health and environmental stewardship.

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