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We offer a wide selection of dog food and toys from premium trusted brands.

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Welcome to Very Important Pets: The Premier Online Destination for All Your Pet Care Needs

At Very Important Pets, we're not just a pet supplies store but your comprehensive guide to the best in pet nutrition, health, and well-being. Our journey began over two decades ago, rooted in a deep love for pets and a commitment to quality that has since blossomed into the UK's leading online destination for pet owners seeking excellence and expertise. Our vast selection of pet foods caters to every need, including grain-free, organic, hypoallergenic, and cat diet options. Whether your canine companion is bursting with energy or your feline friend enjoys their indoor comforts, we provide high-protein and nutrient-rich selections for every life stage—puppy, adult, and senior.

Prioritise your pet's health with our extensive range of supplements and health products. From joint support for ageing pets to digestive aids for sensitive stomachs and skin and coat enhancers for a lustrous shine, your pet's well-being is our foremost concern. In addition to health supplies, our store boasts an impressive collection of stylish collars, harnesses, cosy beds, and engaging toys. Each accessory is selected to blend functionality with style, ensuring your pets enjoy comfort and fashion.

Understanding that every pet is unique, we offer products tailored for small and large breeds, focusing on specific needs such as weight management, allergy care, and life-stage-specific nutrition. This specialised care ensures that no matter the size or breed of your pet, they receive the optimal support for a healthy, vibrant life.

Shopping with Very Important Pets means more than just access to the best pet products. It means benefiting from our 22+ years of pet care knowledge to find the perfect items for your pet's needs. It means enjoying the highest quality, safety, and nutritional value with each product in our curated collection. With fast, free delivery across the UK for orders over £49, pet care becomes hassle-free and efficient. Our family-run ethos drives us to treat every customer and their pets as part of our extended family, offering personalised service and advice that makes all the difference.

Join the Very Important Pets community today and give your pets the VIP treatment they deserve. With our extensive range of high-quality products, expert advice, and dedicated customer service, we're here to support you in providing the best care for your beloved pets.

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