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Working & Sporting Dog Food

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Discover our premium selection of working and sporting dog foods featuring top brands like Skinner's, Dr. John, Autarky, and Alpha. Each product is expertly formulated to meet active dogs' high energy and nutritional demands. Ideal for dogs in training, fieldwork, or competitions, our range offers both wet and dry food options, ensuring sustained energy, optimal joint health, and overall well-being. Plus, you benefit from the advantage of VAT-free purchases on these specially designed foods, making it a cost-effective choice for your active canine's diet.

Working & Sporting Dog Foods: Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers for your Working Dog Food questions

What nutritional benefits does working dog food provide?

Designed for high-energy breeds, working dog food offers higher protein and fat to support their active lifestyle and increased energy needs.

Is it necessary to feed sporting dogs specialised food?

Yes, regular dog food may not meet the heightened nutritional requirements of sporting dogs, affecting their performance and health.

How do I select the right food for my sporting dog?

Choose foods rich in high-quality protein and joint health ingredients tailored to energy needs. Brands like Skinner's and Autarky are excellent choices.

What type of protein is most beneficial for working dogs?

High-quality animal proteins like chicken, lamb, or fish are ideal for muscle development and provide consistent energy levels.

Are there specific ingredients beneficial for working dogs?

Absolutely. Look for food containing high-quality whole protein for muscle-building and recovery, Omega-3 for coat health, glucosamine for joints, and digestible carbs for sustained energy.

What is the best feeding routine for a working or sporting dog?

Highly active dogs may thrive on frequent, smaller meals to maintain energy. Adjust based on their specific activity levels and needs.

Why choose Burns Alert Assistance for my assistance dog?

Burns Alert Assistance is crafted especially for assistance dogs. It offers increased antioxidants and added salmon oil to support their demanding roles while maintaining overall health and wellness.

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