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Pedigree Pet Food: Nutritious & Affordable

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At Very Important Pets, we understand that dogs deserve nutrition that fosters health and happiness. We offer Pedigree, a brand with over 80 years of expertise in pet food production. Pedigree's approach is grounded in the belief that high-quality, nutritious dog food should be accessible to all, ensuring that dogs of every breed and life stage are well-cared for. From their nourishing dry and wet foods to their delectable treats, Pedigree's products are designed to support a dog's well-being, encouraging a vibrant, joyful life from puppyhood through their golden years.

Pedigree's commitment extends beyond nutrition to the welfare of dogs everywhere, with the Pedigree Foundation actively supporting shelters and rescue organisations. Their recipes, informed by Waltham Petcare Science Institute research, focus on meeting the Four Universal Needs of Dogs, providing 100% balanced and complete professional-grade nutrition. By choosing Pedigree at Very Important Pets, you're not just feeding your dog; you're contributing to a cycle of care that supports dogs' health globally, all at an affordable price that makes good nutrition an easy choice for pet parents.

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