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Arkwrights Working & Sporting Dog Food

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Arkwrights, crafted by Gilbertson & Page Ltd, is renowned for delivering exceptional quality and value in dog foods specially formulated for working and sporting dogs. Based in Hertfordshire, this family-run company prides itself on producing dog foods that not only meet but exceed nutritional standards, supporting UK agriculture by striving for a minimum of 85% British-sourced ingredients. We are excited to offer Arkwrights’ range at Very Important Pets, ensuring your active dogs receive the balanced energy and nutrients they need for a thriving lifestyle.

Arkwright’s dog food is expertly balanced with essential macronutrients like protein, fat, and carbohydrates, necessary for growth, repair, and maintaining energy reserves, along with vital micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals to support overall health. Their commitment to nutritional excellence means each complete food is formulated to provide your dog with the precise nutrient levels required daily, avoiding any excess that could be harmful. Choose Arkwrights for a diet that assures optimal health for your working dog, available at Very Important Pets.

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