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BETTALIFE Premium Supplements - Optimal Health for Your Pet

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At Very Important Pets, we proudly offer the exceptional BETTALIFE range, a UK-based brand known for its precision-crafted, high-specification supplements tailored for horses, dogs, and humans. Committed to transparency and quality, BETTALIFE utilises only the finest active ingredients, eschewing fillers or bulking agents, to ensure every product delivers maximum efficacy. Established in 2015 with its PharmaQuin Joint CompleteHA launch, BETTALIFE has expanded its product line to include solutions like PharmaTRAC for digestive support and PharmaPlast for optimal muscle growth and recovery. Our focus at Very Important Pets is on their canine products, which support everything from joint health to digestive well-being, making BETTALIFE the go-to choice for pet owners dedicated to enhancing their dogs' health naturally and effectively.

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BETTALIFE: Frequently Asked Questions

What makes BETTALIFE different from other pet supplement brands?

BETTALIFE uses high-quality, active ingredients without fillers or bulking agents. All products are developed and produced in the UK, ensuring top-tier quality and efficacy.

How can BETTALIFE supplements benefit my dog?

BETTALIFE offers a range of supplements that support various aspects of canine health, from joint care to digestive support. These supplements are formulated to enhance overall vitality, support ageing joints, and maintain digestive health during stressful situations.

Are BETTALIFE products safe for all dogs?

Yes, BETTALIFE products are safe for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. However, it's always recommended to consult your veterinarian before starting any new supplement regimen, especially if your dog has specific health concerns or conditions.

Can I see the complete list of ingredients for BETTALIFE supplements?

Absolutely. BETTALIFE believes in complete transparency. Our website provides the full list of ingredients for each product, allowing you to make well-informed decisions about the supplements you choose for your pet.

What are the key ingredients in BETTALIFE canine supplements?

Key ingredients in our canine range typically include Glucosamine for joint health, MSM for improved mobility and pain reduction, and specialised digestive enzymes to aid in optimal nutrient absorption and gastrointestinal health.

How do I choose the right BETTALIFE supplement for my dog?

Choosing the right supplement depends on your dog's health needs and lifestyle. Our team at Very Important Pets can help guide you based on your dog's activity level, age, and any particular health concerns you might have.

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