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Purina Bonio Dog Biscuits

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Purina Bonio dog biscuits offer a delightful range of oven-baked treats that cater to dogs of all sizes and breeds, from tiny Yorkies to majestic Wolfhounds. For over 80 years, Bonio has been baking biscuits with love and tradition, ensuring each treat is delicious but also wholesome and nutritious. Made in the same factory since 1932, these biscuits maintain the quality and taste that dogs adore. The crunchy texture of Bonio biscuits promotes dental health by helping to scrape away plaque and reduce tartar build-up on your dog’s teeth. Whether a quick breakfast or a rewarding treat, Bonio biscuits bring joy and satisfaction to dogs, making them the nation’s favourite. From Happy Fibre and Meaty Chip to Bonio Original and Mini Dog biscuits, there’s a flavorful option for every canine companion, ensuring healthy digestion and a joyful crunch with every bite.

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Purina Bonio: Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers about Bonio Dog Biscuits

What makes Bonio dog biscuits beneficial for my dog’s health?

Bonio dog biscuits are oven-baked to promote dental health by reducing plaque and tartar build-up, and they contain fibre for healthy digestion.

Can Bonio biscuits be used for training?

Bonio Original Biscuits make excellent training treats due to their special recipe and texture. They can be given whole or broken into smaller pieces.

Are Bonio biscuits suitable for all dog breeds and sizes?

Bonio caters to every dog, offering delicious biscuits for all sizes and breeds, ensuring a tasty and nutritious treat for everyone.

How long has Bonio been making dog biscuits?

Bonio has been lovingly oven-baking dog biscuits since 1932, maintaining a tradition of quality and taste that dogs love for over 80 years.

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