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Burgess Dog & Small Pet Food

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Burgess Pet Care, a distinguished family-owned business from Thornton-le-Dale, is one of the UK's premier animal food manufacturers. With a rich legacy from the 17th century as a flour miller, Burgess has since specialised in creating superior foods for domestic pets, including dogs, cats, and small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs. Their dedication to quality and animal welfare is reflected in their award-winning, nutritionally rich feeds, produced with local ingredients to support the health and happiness of pets.

Burgess continues to innovate in pet nutrition from its historic roots in North Yorkshire, exemplified by pioneering the UK's first rabbit nugget and the world's first indoor rabbit food. The brand's commitment extends beyond production to education and research, actively participating in initiatives like Rabbit Awareness Week and collaborating with universities to improve pet care practices. At Very Important Pets, we proudly offer Burgess Pet Care's range of foods, fostering a robust and healthy pet community with every meal.

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