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Chudleys Working Dog & Small Animal Food

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Chudleys brings over 45 years of expertise to the world of working dog nutrition, emphasizing a steadfast dedication to quality, as evidenced by the re-issuance of a Royal Warrant in 2020. We proudly present Chudleys’ specialised dog food range at Very Important Pets. Each product is infused with a significant level of quality protein and enhanced with their patented Quality Life Care (QLC) antioxidant blend, a precise concoction of fruits and vegetables formulated to bolster the health and vitality of your dog.

The brand's history, enriched by the Chudley family's experience in breeding and training champion dogs, informs their development of nutritional solutions that meet the rigorous demands of active canines. Utilising the latest research and modern manufacturing techniques, Chudleys produces a comprehensive selection of dog foods that support working dogs' increased energy and nutrient requirements. At Very Important Pets, Chudleys dog food stands as a premium choice, ensuring top-notch nutrition and optimal performance for the well-being of working dogs.

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