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Laughing Dog

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Laughing Dog, a brand with a rich heritage rooted in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside, offers a wholesome range of dog foods and treats crafted with care and tradition. Celebrating over three generations of expertise, Laughing Dog prides itself on producing delicious and nutritious complete dog foods, mixer meals, and treats on the family farm, using only natural ingredients grown and sourced directly from the land. From its origins in 1936 as a small mixer meal maker to its current status as a proud member of the Grant family since 2008, Laughing Dog has evolved while maintaining a commitment to quality and nutrition. Their range includes the oven-baked 1936 Traditional Mixer Meal, Wonderfully Wheat Free & Gloriously Grain Free baked mixer recipes, and the Naturally 5 and Naturally complete limited ingredient ranges, ensuring a perfect balance of naturally sourced ingredients like farm-grown oats and barley. The recipes, free from added artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, cater to all dogs, including those with grain sensitivities, and are designed to support healthy digestion, immunity, joints, teeth, and bones. Laughing Dog's dedication to producing all their dry, complete, mixer meals and treats on their family farm allows for unmatched quality control and a personal touch in every bag.
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Laughing Dog: Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Laughing Dog food unique?

Laughing Dog food is unique because it's produced on a family farm with over three generations of expertise, using natural, farm-grown ingredients. Their oven-baked process preserves the natural goodness and taste of these wholesome ingredients.

Can Laughing Dog food accommodate dogs with food sensitivities?

Yes, Laughing Dog offers grain-free options and a limited ingredient range called Naturally 5, crafted with simple ingredients to support dogs with food sensitivities.

Are Laughing Dog recipes complete and balanced?

All Laughing Dog recipes are formulated by nutritionists to be complete and balanced, ensuring your Dog receives all the necessary nutrients for a healthy life.

Is Laughing Dog food suitable for all dog breeds and sizes?

Laughing Dog provides a range of products for dogs of all breeds and sizes, from small lap dogs to larger breeds, ensuring nutritional support for every Dog's needs.

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