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Naturo Natural Pet Food

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Naturo, part of the Mackle Petfoods family business, has been nurturing pet health with high-quality natural food since 2010, created from the family’s 50 years of expertise in pet nutrition in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. As a brand that treats dogs and cats as integral family members, Naturo offers a range of 100% natural wet and dry foods specifically formulated to provide a complete and balanced diet. Developed by leading nutritionists, Naturo’s recipes boast high meat content and are designed to cater to pets with sensitive digestion and allergies, all while avoiding artificial colours, additives, or flavourings.

Every Naturo meal available at Very Important Pets is crafted using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a natural and nutritious meal for your pet. The range emphasises strong immune systems, healthy skin and coats, optimal weight maintenance, and ideal omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals balance. For senior dogs, Naturo includes joint-supporting compounds like Glucosamine and Chondroitin. The brand’s dedication to natural goodness is evident in its commitment to using human-grade meat with no poorly digestible bulking agents or synthetic chemicals, making Naturo a palatable and trusted choice for your pet’s overall health and happiness.

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Naturo Pet Food: Frequently Asked Questions

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How should I transition my pet to Naturo foods?

To switch your pet to Naturo, gradually mix Naturo with your pet's current food over a 3-7 day period, increasing the proportion of Naturo each day until you are feeding it exclusively.

Should I opt for grain-free or rice-inclusive Naturo products for my dog?

Choose based on your dog's specific needs. If your dog has grain allergies, go for the grain-free options. Otherwise, their "With Rice" products also offer numerous health benefits.

How does Naturo ensure product freshness without preservatives?

Naturo utilises a unique cooking process akin to steam cooking, which requires less time and helps preserve the natural goodness of ingredients, ensuring freshness without the need for preservatives.

What are the sources of Naturo's ingredients?

Naturo prioritises local sourcing and only accepts ingredients that meet their stringent quality standards. All meats are suitable for human consumption and traceable back to their source.

What benefits do vegetables in Naturo dog food provide?

Vegetables add essential natural fibre to the diet, aiding in healthy digestion and promoting sustained energy levels.

Does Naturo add sugars to their pet food?

No, Naturo pet foods contain no added sugars, ensuring a healthy diet for your pets.

Are Naturo products hypoallergenic?

While Naturo offers grain-free options ideal for pets with allergies, always check individual product ingredients if your pet has specific allergies identified by your vet.

What size is the kibble in Naturo's dry food?

Adult and senior kibble sizes average 10mm x 10mm, while puppy kibble is slightly smaller, averaging 5mm x 8mm, accommodating smaller mouths. Variance in kibble size is normal due to fresh meat and natural production processes being included.

What is kelp, and why is it included in Naturo's recipes?

Kelp is a type of seaweed rich in fibre and minerals like potassium and iodine, supporting overall health and well-being.

What benefits do vegetables in Naturo dog food provide?

Vegetables add essential natural fibre to the diet, aiding healthy digestion and promoting sustained energy levels.

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