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Sheba Wet Cat Food Range

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Sheba cat food is the pinnacle of gourmet dining for discerning felines, emphasising irresistible flavour and sustainable practices. Celebrating the unique spirit of cats, Sheba’s recipes combine succulent, high-quality protein with delicious sauces, all crafted to delight and nourish. Committed to sustainability, Sheba uses 100% sustainably sourced fish while ensuring all animal ingredients come from high-quality by-products of the human food chain, maximising nutritional value and reducing waste. With no added preservatives or colourants, Sheba’s range, including trays, domes, and pouches, offers a luxurious dining experience as nutritious as it is appetising. Each recipe is a hit with cats, having passed the rigorous taste tests conducted by the WALTHAM Petcare Science Institute.

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Sheba Cat Food: Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers about Shiba Cat Foods

What sets Sheba cat food apart?

Sheba cat food is renowned for its luxury and gourmet appeal, crafted with premium meats and fish. Each serving is designed to resemble a freshly prepared meal, offering a variety of textures and flavours that cater to even the most discerning felines.

What varieties are available from Sheba?

Sheba offers diverse flavours, including meaty pouches from Sheba Cuisine and lighter options like Sheba Classic Soup. The collection features complete wet dishes and supplementary foods, suitable for pairing with dry kibble for a balanced diet.

Are Sheba cat food products natural and safe?

Sheba emphasises using only the finest ingredients, free from artificial colours and preservatives. The recipes are developed with high-quality proteins and sustainable practices, ensuring healthiness and environmental responsibility.

How can Sheba cat food complement my cat’s diet?

Sheba’s luxurious meals can be a standalone diet or supplement your cat’s dry food. The brand offers a range of textures and flavours, providing a delightful and nutritious variety to your cat’s daily feeding routine.

Is Sheba cat food suitable for all cats?

Sheba cat food is ideal for cats of all breeds and life stages. Its variety in flavour and texture makes it a hit among fussy eaters and cats with specific dietary preferences or needs.

How does Sheba contribute to sustainability?

Sheba is committed to environmental sustainability, using 100% sustainably sourced fish and aiming for fully recyclable packaging by 2025. Their initiatives include significant projects like SHEBA HOPE GROWS™, the world’s most extensive coral reef restoration program.

Can I find Sheba cat food at Very Important Pets | Shop?

Yes, at Very Important Pets | Shop, we stock a wide array of Sheba cat food products. From luxurious trays and domes to handy pouches, you’ll find the perfect Sheba meal to delight your feline friend.

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