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Sneyd's Wonderfeeds

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Sneyd's Wonderfeeds, a family-owned brand with over 40 years of heritage, is renowned for producing high-quality pet foods at its North Lincolnshire facility. Their dedication to quality and affordability has made them a favourite among pet owners, particularly those with working dogs. At Very Important Pets, we're excited to offer Sneyd's Wonderdog brand, which is specially fortified with essential nutrients like Fish Oil, Chondroitin, and Glucosamine, ensuring that every meal contributes to the vitality and well-being of your dog. Their investment in state-of-the-art equipment allows them to deliver superior products that are on par with leading manufacturers but at more economical prices.

Not only does Sneyd's Wonderfeeds cater to the nutritional needs of working dogs, but they also offer a selection of foods for small animals under their Wonder Rabbit, Wonder Hamster, and Wonder Guinea brands. Their all-natural Wonderdog range stands out for being hypoallergenic and grain-free, devoid of wheat, soya, or dairy, making it an ideal choice for dogs with specific dietary requirements. By choosing Sneyd's at Very Important Pets, you're selecting a brand that combines family-driven passion with nutritional expertise, providing quality feeds that support working dogs' active lifestyles and small animals' health.

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