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Versele-Laga, synonymous with excellence in pet nutrition and care, offers a diverse range of over 2100 products tailored to nurture the bond between pets and their owners. Established in 1932, this brand has evolved into a global leader, providing high-quality, scientifically proven, and balanced nutrition for pets of all ages and breeds. With a commitment to keeping pets healthy and active, Versele-Laga's products are a testament to their expertise and passion for animal wellbeing. Today, Versele-Laga's reach extends across 85 countries, ensuring millions of pets worldwide benefit from their comprehensive, innovative, and health-focused offerings.

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Versele-Laga: Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers about the Versele-Laga brand

What sets Versele-Laga apart in pet nutrition?

Versele-Laga's commitment to quality, balanced, scientifically proven products, focusing on the health and vitality of pets, sets them apart.

How extensive is Versele-Laga's product range?

Versele-Laga boasts over 2100 products that meet their unique nutritional needs, catering to various pets, including dogs, cats, birds, and more.

What is Versele-Laga's global presence?

With a presence in over 85 countries and manufacturing facilities in Europe, China, and the USA, Versele-Laga has a significant global footprint in pet nutrition.

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