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Vetbed Original

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Vetbed Original, a Petlife brand, revolutionises pet bedding with British-made, veterinary-approved blankets. Recognised for its breathability, hypoallergenic properties, and unique soft and hygienic fabric, Vetbed offers an ideal alternative to traditional dog beds, especially for pets with allergies. It's designed for versatility and practicality, serving as a cosy layer in crates, on furniture, or simply on the floor, providing pets with space to relax without compromising household cleanliness. Its advanced support and thermal retention suit all animals, from most miniature hamsters to large breed dogs, ensuring pets stay dry, warm, and comfortable. Manufactured in the UK, each kilogram of Vetbed fabric incorporates 24 recycled bottles, highlighting Petlife's commitment to environmental stewardship and product quality. Vetbed Original is backed by a 12-month quality guarantee, underscoring its market leadership and unmatched durability. Recommended by vets and chosen by pet professionals, Vetbed caters to all life stages of pets, promoting comfort, mobility, and warmth for younger, older, and recumbent animals, as well as providing a secure and warm environment for the birth stage. Despite initial shedding, Vetbed's performance and appearance remain superior, with its unique drainage properties and heat retention distinguishing it from other pet beds.

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Vetbed: Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers about vetbed Original dog beds

What makes Vetbed Original ideal for pets with allergies?

Vetbed Original's hypoallergenic and hygienic fabric is perfect for pets with allergies, providing a soft, safe, and clean environment that minimises irritants.

Can Vetbed Original be machine washed?

Yes, Vetbed Original is easily machine washable without deteriorating, maintaining its luxurious feel and hygienic properties wash after wash.

Is Vetbed Original suitable for pets at all life stages?

Vetbed Original offers thermal and support benefits for pets of all life stages, from young and active to older and recumbent animals, ensuring comfort and warmth.

How environmentally friendly is Vetbed Original?

Vetbed Original is made with environmental consciousness, incorporating 24 recycled bottles per kilogram of fabric, reflecting Petlife's commitment to sustainability.

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