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Vixen Dog Supplements - Hemp-Based Health Support

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At Very Important Pets, discover Vixen's pioneering dog supplements, where the synergy of nature and science enriches your dog's health. Nestled in County Wicklow, Vixen, a family-owned enterprise, harnesses the potent properties of hemp fibre, including CBD, to formulate supplements that target the crucial areas of canine wellness—joint health and anxiety relief. Vixen stands committed to transparency and excellence, using scientifically backed and meticulously chosen ingredients to ensure your pet's vitality. With products like Hip & Joint chews and Calming chews, Vixen provides holistic solutions that support your dog's longevity and daily joy, all manufactured within their high-standard facilities in Ireland.

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Vixen Supplements: Frequently Asked Questions

How do Vixen supplements differ from regular dog treats?

While dog treats are primarily for enjoyment, Vixen supplements are functional and designed to address specific health needs in precise daily quantities, such as anxiety or joint pain.

Are Vixen supplements suitable for all dogs?

Yes, they are appropriate for all dog breeds. However, they are not recommended for puppies under 12 weeks or pregnant or lactating females.

How should Vixen supplements be administered?

Mix them with your dog's regular food or treat them separately. Adhering to the daily recommended dosage is essential for optimal benefits.

Can I combine different types of Vixen supplements?

It is not advised to mix Hip & Joint and Calming supplements simultaneously due to their CBD content to prevent exceeding the safe daily dosage of CBD.

What's the difference between hemp fibre CBD and CBD oil?

CBD hemp fibre is obtained through cold pressing the hemp plant, maintaining all-natural nutrients, whereas CBD oil is concentrated cannabidiol extracted from the plant. Both forms contain the same CBD compound, which is beneficial for reducing inflammation and anxiety.

Is the packaging of Vixen supplements eco-friendly?

The 100% recyclable packaging supports Vixen's commitment to environmental stewardship.

How long does it take for Vixen supplements to show effects?

Results can vary, but consistent use for at least two weeks, as per guidelines, is necessary to see noticeable benefits.

How should Vixen supplements be stored?

Keep the product in a cool, dry place and use it before the "Best Before" date. The packaging includes a zipper to ensure freshness after opening.

What is the Vixen Pet supplement brand all about?

Vixen's dedication to quality and sustainability makes it a distinguished brand in canine nutrition. It promises not just treats but a foundation for a healthier, happier pet life.

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