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Yakers Natural Dog Chews

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YAKERS specialises in creating exceptional Himalayan Yak Milk dog chews, a perfect blend of tradition and quality. Originating from an ancient recipe, these chews are made with 100% natural yak milk, cow's milk, lime juice, and a pinch of salt, then meticulously smoke-dried for 28 days to achieve their distinctive flavour and texture. Ideal for keeping dogs engaged for extended periods, YAKERS chews satisfy your dog's chewing instincts and promote dental health by reducing plaque and tartar build-up. Rich in protein and calcium, these chews offer a nutritious snack that is hard enough to provide a lasting challenge yet entirely digestible. The end pieces can be microwaved for a delightful twist to create a puffy treat, ensuring no morsel is wasted. YAKERS' commitment to natural ingredients and traditional craftsmanship makes them a premier choice for pet owners seeking wholesome and engaging treats for their canine companions.

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YAKERS: Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers about YAKERS dog chews

What ingredients are used in YAKERS dog chews?

YAKERS are crafted from a mix of skimmed yak and cow's milk, with a small amount of lime juice and salt added to solidify the milk, making them a wholesome dog treat.

How should YAKERS chews be stored?

Store YAKERS in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their quality.

Are YAKERS suitable for puppies?

Yes, YAKERS are suitable for all dogs over four months, making them a perfect treat for puppies and adult dogs.

Is there a risk of lactose intolerance with YAKERS?

YAKERS contain less than 1% lactose, making them suitable for dogs with lactose sensitivity due to the removal of whey and cream in the production process.

What is the YAKERS brand all about?

YAKERS Chews stand out for its meticulous production process, which honours Himalayan traditions. This ensures a unique, high-quality treat supporting dental health and satisfying dogs' chewing instincts. Their range includes various sizes of original, strawberry, and mint flavours, catering to all dogs' preferences and sizes. YAKERS provides a long-lasting and enjoyable chewing experience and aligns with eco-friendly practices, reflecting their dedication to sustainability and animal well-being.

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